Course Open

Course Overview

The course, although not long by modern standards, is a fair and true test of golf for players of all abilities, with every hole a different challenge. Limestone drainage ensures that the course remains playable year round, in all but the most extreme weather.

Hole 1 - Serpentine

232 yds | Par 4 | SI 18 | Hole Sponsored By: NB Golf

Pro's Tip

On paper the easiest hole on the course but don’t let that fool you.  Out of bounds on both sides and your first shot of the day!  The bigger hitters will always fancy a pop at this green but the smart play is a shot somewhere up the right hand side of the fairway to leave a relatively short pitch into a small green, don’t leave it short though as the ball may end up back somewhere near your feet!

Hole 2 - Kentmere

364 yds | Par 4 | SI 4

Pro's Tip

Out of bounds runs all the way down the right hand side with the safe shot off the tee is to favour the left but if you’re planning on hitting the green in two then the right side offers a much better angle into the green.  The green is much longer than you think so club up, as anything short will run down into the hollow in front of the green.

Hole 3 - Potter Fell

176 yds | Par 3 | SI 12

Pro's Tip

First of our 5 par 3’s and a little beauty! Make sure you find out where the pin is on the green as it can be difficult to see and it could be up to 3 clubs’ difference from front to back.  Anything left will filter onto the green, anything drifting right will certainly not and will leave a very difficult chip up the face of a mountain onto the green!

Hole 4 - La'al Wood

436 yds | Par 4 | SI 2 | Hole Sponsored By: Gordon Andrew

Pro's Tip

2 blind shots to contend with on this hole, one from the tee and then one into the green.  A tee shot down the left will give you the best chance of an even lie for your second.  Shots can be carried all the way onto this green but many a wise player will land it 20 yards short and lets the ball run in.  If that’s the play then aiming slightly right of the marker behind the green will allow to ball to feed in nicely.

Hole 5 - Racecourse

133 yds | Par 3 | SI 16 | Hole Sponsored By: James Airey Flooring

Pro's Tip

Pretty much what you see is what you get with this par 3.  Anything short leaves a tricky chip onto the green.  The banking on the back can feed balls back onto the green but beware, not all shots fall back…

Hole 6 - Scout Scar

331 yds | Par 4 | SI 10

Pro's Tip

If you weren’t feeling it in your legs then you will after this hole. Straight up the hill and a premium for getting your drive up the first hill to give you the best possible chance to hit the green in two. Any ball on the lower level off the tee has a slim to no chance of getting to the green.  Club up, as its all up hill for the blind second shot.  A banking at the back of the green will collect any longer hit balls.

Hole 7 - Benson Knott

221 yds | Par 3 | SI 8

Pro's Tip

Toughest par 3 on the course.  Straight down hill and the wind can play havoc with your ball! Carry it straight onto the green if you can but any ball landing short/left of the green will filter onto the back to front sloping green.

Hole 8 - Whinfell

496 yds | Par 5 | SI 6

Pro's Tip

First of the two par 5’s.  Plays its full length as its pretty much all uphill to the green.  The marker post is a good guide for the 250ydhitters but the longer folk would probably want to aim between that and the trees on the right for their drive to allow for a better shot if your going for the green in two.  A second shot down the right will leave a straight forward pitch into the green but again, club up and don’t be short as one of only 6 bunkers on the course is short left and also the raised green is longer than you think!

Hole 9 - Kettlewell

171 yds | Par 3 | SI 14 | Hole Sponsored By: Edge of the World

Pro's Tip

Penultimate par 3 on the course.  Blind shot as you can’t see the putting surface but you will be able to see the flag. 3 bunkers guard the front and right hand side of the green.  Any ball landing short and missing these bunkers will run nicely onto the green but beware, they have a habit of gobbling shots up!

Hole 10 - The Laurels

402 yds | Par 4 | SI 9

Pro's Tip

The back 9 begins.  Just before you hit your shot, turn around and just look at that view, gets batter a little later on but come on!  The marker post is a good guide for a drive of around 240yds, anything longer should aim slightly to the right as the ball will filter back onto the fairway. The second shot into the green can be flown all the way on or anything landing short & right will also run onto the green.  A steep slope at the back of the green will make for a difficult chip back up should your ball go long.

Hole 11 - Langdales

368 yds | Par 4 | SI 13 | Hole Sponsored By: Cumbria Heating Components

Pro's Tip

Out of bounds up the left with the marker post a great guide for any drive off this tee.  If your ball doesn’t reach the top of the hill then a little walk to the top will reveal the green.  The marker post behind the green is also a great guide for the second shot. When your stood on this green, just take a look around, my favourite part of the course!

Hole 12 - Hellsfell

506 yds | Par 5 | SI 11 | Hole Sponsored By: J. A. Gardner & Sons

Pro's Tip

The second of the par 5’s. Tough drive with a pond down the left at about 250yds and out of bounds running all the way down the right.  Hit the fairway and you have a great chance to hit the dog legged left green in two but beware, any shot straying onto the 13th fairway is out of bounds.  A lay up down the right for your second shot opens up the green nicely for a pitch into the green. The last of our bunkers guards the front left hand side so middle is the play!

Hole 13 - Cunswick

399 yds | Par 4 | SI 3

Pro's Tip

Stand on the tee, take a deep breath and just look around on one of the most scenic tees in the country!  A very tough par 4.  Any drive on the fairway here is a good one, with only the bigger hitters able to get this green in two.  A drive favouring the right hand side makes the second shot slightly easier.  Club up as the green is raised and any shots short will roll away.

Hole 14 - Coffin Wood

414 yds | Par 4 | SI 1 | Hole Sponsored By: Kendal Elderly Gentlemen's Golf Society

Pro's Tip

On paper, toughest hole on the course.  Out of bounds & rough all the way down the right so aim slightly left as it opens up more than you can see down that side. Tough second shot as the fairway narrows towards the green with another out of bounds coming into play on the left. Any ball landing short tends to make its way onto the green so don’t be worried about playing it a little safer.

Hole 15 - Auld Grey Town

397 yds | Par 4 | SI 7

Pro's Tip

All downhill from here. What you see is what you get here.  Out of bounds all the way down the right and the practice ground to the left as you get down the hill. Driver isn’t always necessary from the tee but the closer the green, the easier the pitch.  The brave ones among you will fly your second shot all the way onto the green. The cultured will land it 20-30yds short and let the contours do all the hard work for you!

Hole 16 - Greenside

318 yds | Par 4 | SI 15 | Hole Sponsored By: Lakeland Tile & Bathroom

Pro's Tip

A short par 4 on paper but fraught with danger! Out of bounds down both sides from the tee but due to a health & safety issue, no player is allowed to go for the green with their drive, a lay up shot must be played. Once this has been done then you are left with a short pitch into a green below you. Check your yardage as the green looks closer than it is and a ditch short and left of the green can gather your ball.

Hole 17 - Battleships

129 yds | Par 3 | SI 17 | Hole Sponsored By: SIDAS

Pro's Tip

Our signature hole and called ‘Battleship’, can you guess why? Whatever you do here, don’t leave it short or your short game will come under its biggest scrutiny.  The green opens up a little bit more to the left than you can see but is raised slightly so beware, anything over the rock still may be face with a tricky chip!

Hole 18 - Ga'an Yam

299 yds | Par 4 | SI 5 | Hole Sponsored By: Thomson Hayton Winkley

Pro's Tip

Phew, you have made it. A slight dogleg left means one last tee shot up the right hand side will open up the raised green nicely. The bigger hitters have been known to go for the green but beware, to do so you have to carry it over some pretty nasty stuff down the left.