Custom Fitting

When purchasing a set of golf clubs it is important to get them custom fit for you, this is because not everyone is the same height, build, weight and certainly not everyone has the same swing.


Why Get Custom Fit For Golf Clubs?

If you want to play to the best of your ability then you should be custom fit for your golf clubs. The process of custom fitting is matching your clubs to your swing to achieve optimum performance.

A custom fit session should help you:

  • Hit the golf ball further
  • Hit the golf ball straighter
  • Hit the ball more consistently

If you are hitting the ball longer, straighter and more consistently then hopefully you will be able to enjoy your golf even more.

What Technology do we use for Custom Fitting?

To help with the custom fit process we use the latest technology in the form of FlightScope. This device picks up your club head speed, ball speed, spin rates and launch angles to workout which clubs suit your best.

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