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The KEGGS section is a friendly group of members who meet up and play on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to play and enjoy a round of golf. There is a larger range of handicaps in the KEGGS from 8 handicap all the way through to 28. The only entry requirement to joining the KEGGS is that you have to be over 55 years old and you will be welcomed into the section. As well as social golf the KEGGS have a series of matches, competitions, knockouts and away days all of which are explained below.



The current KEGGS Captain is Frank Taylor.

Telephone Number: 015395 61539

Email Address:

The Captain of the KEGGS serves for two years.


The KEGGS have a rollup on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am to play 18 holes of social golf. All of the golf balls go into a hat and are drawn to see who plays with who.


The KEGGS have a stableford competition once a month on a Monday at 9:30am through the summer months to allow those who do not play in club competitions to maintain a vaild handicap. Entry fee is £1 and the winner takes all apart from a £2 deduction towards KEGGS funds.


The KEGGS have matches home and away against a variety of clubs in the area. These are very enjoyable and are a good way to make new golfing friends. You receive courtesy of the course for away matches but are expected to pay for your two course lunch after the event.


There is a match play knockout competition every summer for KEGGS members. The entry sheet goes up for this early in the year on the KEGGS notice board. Matches are arranged when convenient for those playing.


Every year an away day is organised to visit a good course in the region. The venue changes every year and is voted on at the KEGGS AGM in December


The KEGGS have their own shirts and jumpers which you can purchase from the Pro-Shop. The jumpers cost £44.99 and the shirts cost £34.99.


For more information on the KEGGS take a look at the KEGGS Notice Board in the men’s locker room.


If you would like an introduction to the KEGGS please contact Frank Taylor the KEGGS Captain and he will be happy to introduce you to the other KEGGS. Happy days!

The cost of membership to the KEGGS is £5 and this should be paid to the KEGGS Treasurer who is Barrie Coates. If you need to contact Barrie his phone number is 01539 723099.




AWAY DAY to Heysham

Congratulations to the worthy winner who also had a HOLE In ONE!!

Trevor Swainbank


Captains Day:

Rescheduled for:

Wednesday 4 October tee off 10.00



KEGGS vs Windermere @ Windermere

Tuesday 26 Sept

Coffee 9.00 Tee Off 9.30


1 F Taylor (Cpt) & B Carradus

2 M Nightingale & B Stow

3 B. Broekhuizen & L Armstrong

4 I Lund & D Neil

5 C Sawden & A Valentine

6 M Beaty & J Lawson

7 D Clarkson & J Stobbart

8 T Swainbank & C Hughes

Reserves M Cleasby, M Nightingale & B Broekhuizen

KEGGS vs Casterton @ Kendal

Monday 2 Oct

Coffee 9.30 Tee Off 10.00


1 F Taylor (cpt) & M Cleasby

2 B Broekhuizen & D Neil

3 B Coates & A Anderson

4 D MacLennan & I Lund

5 C Sawden & L Armstrong

6 R Airey & M Nightingale

7 M Beaty & B Carradus

8 D Clarkson & T Swainbank

Reserve: P Coxon


KEGGS v Knott End @ Kendal

Wed 18 Oct

Coffee 9.30 Tee Off 10.00


1 F Taylor (Cpt) & T Swainbank

2 B Carradus & D Neil

3 B Coates & L Armstrong

4 D MacLennan & J Lawson

5 C Sawden & B Broekhuizen

6 R Airey & M Cleasby

7 M Beaty & M Nightingale

8 D Clarkson & B Stow

Reserves: ??

  KEGGS Sept 18th Competition

Winners of the 4BBB: F Taylor & J Stobbart


KEGGS August Competition

Winners of the Yellowsome!! L Armstrong & C Hughes

KEGGS June Competition

Winners: Bill Broekhuizen & Alan Parkinson 46 points!

Runners Up (cpo) Colin Hughes & Alan Valentine 45 points

KEGGS May Competition

Winners: Alan Anderson & Ian Lund

Runners Up: Barrie Coates & Frank Taylor


KEGGS April Competition

Winners: Bill Broekhuizen & Brian Carradus & IAN LUND!! ( 10 points clear of runners up!)

KEGGS March Competition

Winners: Roger Airey & Malcolm Beaty 45 points (only 17 holes!!)

Runners Up: Barrie Coates & Alan Parkinson 44 points.


KEGGS 5th April Texas Scramble

Competition Results

Winners: Trevor Swainbank, Bob Stow & David Staton Score 59.7

Runners Up: Peter Coxon, Jack Stobbart, Bill Broekhuizen & Malcolm Nightingale Score 59.9



Wednesday 10th May 10:00am – Keswick

Wednesday 7th June 10:00am – Brampton

Wednesday 5th July 10:00am – Carus Green

Wednesday 26th July 10:45am – Casterton

Wednesday 16th August 10:00am – Grange

Wednesday 23rd August 10:00am – Lansil

Wednesday 30th August 10:00am – Windermere

Wednesday 6th September 10:00am – Sedbergh

Wednesday 18th October 10:00am – Knott End


Wednesday 12th April 9:30am – Casterton

Wednesday 26th April 10:00am – Keswick

Tuesday 2nd May (Time TBA) – Knott End

Wednesday 17th May 9:30am – Brampton

Thursday 25th May 10:00am – Lansil

Tuesday 20th June 9:30 – Appleby

Thursday 29th June 10:00am – Sedbergh

Monday 31st July 10:00am – Grange

Wednesday 9th August 9:30am – Carus Green

Tuesday 26th September 9:30am – Windermere


Monday 24th April at 9:30am

Monday 15th May at 9:30am

Monday 12th June at 9:30am

Monday 17th July at 9:30am

Monday 14th August at 9:30am

Monday 4th September at 9:30am

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