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The Seniors (KEGGS) section is a friendly group of members who meet up and play on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday to play and enjoy a round of golf. There is a larger range of handicaps in the KEGGS from 8 handicap all the way through to 28. The only entry requirement to joining the KEGGS is that you have to be over 55 years old and you will be welcomed into the section. As well as social golf the KEGGS have a series of matches, competitions, knockouts and away days.

Knock Out 2020

Round 4 should be completed by 4 Sept.

Semi Final by 30 September

Final by agreement!

Please advise David Staton/David Neil of the result of each match. If there is any doubt about the 3rd or 4th round pairings pleas

    Semi Final              Final




………………………………….David Neil



Brian Carradus



The current Seniors (KEGGS) Captain is David Staton.

Telephone Number: 01539 734880

Email Address:

The Captain of the KEGGS serves for two years.


The KEGGS have a rollup on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.00am to play 18 holes of social golf. All of the golf balls go into a hat and are drawn to see who plays with who.

KEGGS Qualifying Competitions

The KEGGS have a qualifying stableford competition each Monday at 10.00 Entry fee is £3.


22 June: 4th D Fleming 33, 3rd D Staton 34, 2nd P Newhouse 36. Winner B Shepherd 36 cpo

6 July: 3rd A Valentine 33, 2nd D Fleming 33 cpo. Winner B Shepherd 38.

20 July: 3rd J Whalley 36 cpo, 2nd G Archibald 36. Winner C Whiteside 40.

3 August: 3rd B Carradus 36, 2nd G Archibald 37. Winner B Shepherd 37 cpo.

10 August: 3rd L Armstrong 33, 2nd P Newhouse 33 cpo. Winner J Whalley 37.

17 August: 3rd B Shepherd 32, 2nd D Staton 32 cpo. Winner J Lear 33

24 August: 3rd J Lear, 2nd P Newhouse. Winner D Staton 40.

21 September: 3rd B Shepherd cpo 34, 2nd P Coxon 36. Winner D Fleming 37.


The KEGGS have matches home and away against a variety of clubs in the area. These are very enjoyable and are a good way to make new golfing friends. You receive courtesy of the course for away matches but are expected to pay for your two course lunch after the event.

KEGGS Fixtures 2020


HOME                                                                                        AWAY


Month Date Tee Time CLUB Players   Month Date Tee Time CLUB Players Note
April Wed 15th 10.00 Knott End 16 April Wed 1st 9.00 Casterton 16
May Wed 6th 10.00 Keswick 12 ** April Wed


10.00 Keswick 12 ** ?
June Wed


10:00 Brampton 16 May Friday 1st 10.30 Knott End 16
June Wed


10.00 Appleby 16 May Wed 13th 9.30 Brampton 16
June Wed 24th 8.30-15.00 Seniors Open
July Wed 22nd 10.00 Casterton 12 May Thurs


10.00 Lansil 16 9.15! Coffee
July Wed 29th 10.00 Lansil 16 June Thurs 25th 9.30 Sedbergh 16
Aug Wed


10.00 Grange 16 July Thurs 9th 10.30 Wilpshire ** 12
Aug Thurs 20th 10.00 Wilpshire 12 **
Aug Wed 26th 10.00 Windermere 16 July




9.30 Grange 16
Sept Wed 2nd 8.30-15.00 Seniors Open Sept Tues     22nd 9.00 Windermere 16 2 Tee Start
Sept Wed 16th 10.00 Sedbergh 16


There is a match play knockout competition every summer for KEGGS members. The entry sheet goes up for this early in the year on the KEGGS notice board. Matches are arranged when convenient for those playing.


Every year an away day is organised to visit a good course in the region. The venue changes every year and is voted on at the KEGGS AGM in December


The KEGGS have their own shirts and jumpers which you can purchase from the Pro-Shop. The jumpers cost £44.99 and the shirts cost £34.99.


For more information on the KEGGS take a look at the KEGGS Notice Board in the men’s locker room.


If you would like an introduction to the KEGGS please contact David Staton the KEGGS Captain and he will be happy to introduce you to the other KEGGS. Happy days!

The cost of membership to the KEGGS is £7 and this should be paid to the KEGGS Treasurer who is Barrie Coates. If you need to contact Barrie his phone number is 01539 723099.

KEGGS Captain’s Day Now rearranged for Mon 28th September. (Should the weather be particularly poor it will be carried forward to Monday 5 October).

Note the recording of qualifying scores will cease from Monday 21 August, although the normal Monday pre-booked “roll ups” will continue.


All team matches against other clubs is suspended now until further notice.

Note the Away Day has been transferred to 2021



Monday 12 July @ Silloth GC

Tee off from 12.00 Bacon Butties from 11.15

Cost £45 for Bacon Butties & 2 Course Set Meal.

Using County Cards.

£10 deposit asap to B Coates. ( By End of Feb)

Monthly Competition Results:

January Texas Scramble (New Format) Winners:

B Broekhuizen, D Maclennan and A Anderson.

February Florida Scramble Winners:

D Staton, A Anderson and D Clarkson.

June Scramble

Winners: L Armstrong D Staton and A Valentine 55 points Second: P Coxon D Fleming and Don Maclennan 53 point cpo.

July 4 Ball Stableford

Winners: D Staton & L Armstrong 53 points.

Second P Brennand & B Coates 45 points.

Third D Fleming & A Parkinson 44 points.

August 4BB

Winners: L Armstrong & A Parkinson 43 points

2nd B Coates & G Archibald 42 points cpo

3rd D Maclennan & F Taylor 42 points

September Chapman (Medal)

Winners B Broekhuizen & B Carradus 66

2nd C Whiteside & D Neil 68 cpo






Held at Kendal Golf Club on Wednesday 18th December 2019

Chaired by Hon President Barry Coates


Apologies: P Brennand, B Stow, P Coxon, R Rogerson, R Parker, G Archibald C Whiteside.


Present: D Staton (Captain), B. Coates (President), D. Neil, B. Carradus, R. Airey, D. Clarkson, I. Lund, M. Nightingale, M. Cleasby, D. Fleming, L. Armstrong, B Broekhuizen, J Flaherty, A Valentine, D Maclennan, B Shepherd, F Taylor, A Parkinson.

In attendance: S. Hawes, C Hughes

Christmas Event: The winners of the Christmas Stableford were: 1) A Valentine 2) D Maclennan 3) D Neil, 4 L Armstrong, 5) B Broekhuizen 6) D Staton.

Knock Out Competition. The President Barry Coates presented the prizes: the winner was L Armstrong and runner up A Valentine & losing semi-finalists were D Maclennan & B Broekhuizen.

David Newton Trophy: Winner D Neil with 22 points,(Based on Home and Away matches: 3 points for away win, 2 points home win and 1 point for a draw)

Notes of Meeting Held on 19th December 2018: Proposed by A Anderson, seconded by R Airey. Accepted unanimously.

Captain’s Report (D Staton)

The Captain thanked all those who had participated in inter club matches and in monthly competitions.

He thanked Malcom Nightingale for all his work in maintaining the records for matches and for keeping the handicap records. He noted there was considerable scope for improvement in interclub matches especially in away matches.

The Captain noted that KEGGS were now integrated with KGC and that the KEGGS would be running the club’s seniors opens on 24 June & 2 Sept.

KEGGS need to recruit more members. The total membership remains at 31 the same as last year.

The captain felt that KGC should have a policy for the use of buggies to enable those with a disability or otherwise unable to walk round the course especially when the weather conditions were unfavourable.

The Captain thanked the President/Treasurer and Secretary for their work during the year. He thanked Frank Taylor for organising the Christmas lunch.

Bill Broekuizen endorsed the Captains view on the use of buggies and proposed that KEGGS should make a strong representation to KGC to ensure those with disabilities were able to use buggies to play golf and that KGC should have a policy to avoid disability discrimination. This was agreed unanimously and the secretary is to write to KGC accordingly.

Treasures Report:

Barry Coates issued the financial report: Income £491.47 Expenditure £397 with Cash in hand of £94.47. KEGGS have committed to sponsor the 14th tee marker to the extent of £300 over 3 years. It was agreed the Christmas gifts to the Green staff and Caterers would continue. Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by F Taylor and seconded by D Clarkson. Agreed unanimously. It was agreed that KEGGS annual fee should be increased to £7 and that £0.50 from Monday roll ups should go into the KEGGS funds.

Secretary’s Report: A list of the agreed team matches for 2020 was provided. The new venue just agreed with Wilpshire will be held at Kendal on Thursday 20th August (not Wed 19th).

In view of the new world handicapping system coming in on Nov 2020 it was agreed that all Monday roll ups in summer conditions would be qualifying stableford competition. Monthly competitions could also be run as individual qualifying competitions should the organiser so wish. (This would help those who are not able to play on Mondays). Regarding scramble competitions it was agreed that for 2020 the average handicapping system would be used and the results reviewed to report back to the AGM in Dec 2020

Away day. The committee proposed that the 2020 away day should be on a links course, 3 options were suggested Silloth, Seascale and Furness. It was agreed that Silloth should be the main away day at a cost of £50 including food, using county cards. The secretary reported that there is reciprocal arrangement between KGC and Skipton GC, however it only applied up to a max of 8 players. A secondary away day could be organised say for 20 players with 8 reciprocal and 12 with county cards, This would work out at £11 each plus food at £16. This was agreed.

Election of Office Bearers:

The following were elected unanimously:

Captain: David Staton

Vice-Captain Mike Cleasby

Treasurer: Barry Coates

Secretary: David Neil

David Neil Secretary Dec 2019


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