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Kendal Golf Club are a registered Community Amateur Sports Club and are open for membership to the whole community. The main purpose of the club is to provide facilities for, promote and encourage participation in golf. We currently offer a number of membership categories. Membership runs from January to December, however subscriptions are billed and due after the Annual General Meeting, held at the beginning of March.

Adult Membership

An adult member is classed as someone who is over 35 years of age. You have the option of joining as a 7 day member or a 6 day member. The only day that a 6 day member can’t play is a Saturday. The competition supplement for a 7 day male is £140, 6 day male £60, 6 day female £90. Or you can pay £10 extra per competition.

7 Day Membership: £570

6 Day Membership: £525

Social Playing Membership

A social playing member pays £175 and they receive 14 vouchers. 5 of these vouchers entitle them to a free round of golf and 9 of them entitle you to a reduced greenfee rate of £10 per round. This system allows you to keep a handicap and you are allowed to enter open competitions but not club competitions.

Social Playing: £184

Intermediate Membership

Intermediate members have all the privileges of ordinary membership but are entitled to a reduced subscription rate as they are under the age of 35.

Intermediate 18 to 21: £289

Intermediate 22 to 25: £341

Intermediate 26 to 35: £446

Junior Membership

Juniors of either sex may be admitted as members of the club at reduced rates of subscription. Age on 15th February in each year shall determine the age group. Junior membership includes all junior competitions. A boy of 28 handicap or better can play in men’s competitions and a girl of 36 or better can play in ladies competitions. To play in adult competitions juniors either pay £10 extra per competition or pay £100 competition supplement.

Junior Under 18: £110

Junior Under 16: £79

Junior Under 14: £53

Social Membership

Social membership gives the privilege of using the clubhouse but not the course.

Social Membership Fees

Social Membership: £42

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